How can I place an order?

You can place an order online any time here, or Whatsapp us at (+60)12-698 3915. Click on the "WhatsApp" link at the bottom right hand of your screen. 

Do you accept last minute/same day order?

Yes we do. Please whatsapp us at (+60)12-698 3915 for any last minute order, as our website is programmed to only accept order 2 days in advance. 

How can I cancel an order?

Once order is made and paid, there will be no refunds. But you can change for a future date within 6 months.  

How do I change an order I already placed?

You may contact us via whatsapp at (+60)12-698 3915 for the fastest response for making changes to your order. 

How far in advance should I place my order?

It is best to order at least TWO DAYS in advance. But u may call us if u have an emergency that u need the bouquet on the same day, if its enough time, we will try our best to make it happen for you.

For deliveries during busy holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, Father's Day, we recommend that you order 1-2 weeks in advance to prevent disappointment.


Can I customize my bouquet?

All of our items can be customize, in presentation, in colors, and in sizes. Just send us a whatsapp msg at (+60)12-698 3915 for inquiries! 

Do your products contain milk?

All Yummyflowerz products may contain or come in contact with items that contain milk products. Our white chocolate contains skim milk powder. We recommend that you take the necessary precautions based on any food allergies. Do let us know if you have any allergies! 

Do your products contain nuts?

Some of our fruit bouquets and boxes of chocolate dipped fruit have crushed nuts or almonds, so there may be nut products in our preparation areas. We cannot guarantee that a gift will not have come in contact with nuts or nut oil. We recommend that you take the necessary precautions based on any related allergies.

Does your fruit contain preservatives?

No. Our fruit is all natural. No preservatives are ever added.

How long will the fruit last?

All Yummyflowerz are prepared at the peak of freshness. We recommend that you consume within 24hrs after recieve, but you should enjoy your Yummyflowerz right away =)  If that’s not possible, you should keep the original wrapping, and refrigerate upon receipt. Once it has been removed from the original wrapping, you should remove the fruit from the skewers, store it in an airtight container, and refrigerate.

What kind of chocolate do you use?

We use premium compound chocolate in all of our dipped fruit bouquets and products. We have tested virtually all of the chocolate available and picked the BEST tasting one pairing with our products! 

What type of strawberries do you use?

We believe we know fruits! That's why we use Albion strawberries, which have a consistently sweeter flavor than most strawberry varieties. Albion strawberries are typically darker in color than other strawberries, both internally and externally. Yummyflowerz support local businesses, so our strawberries comes directly from Cameron Highlands twice a week to ensure freshness! 

Why doesn't my bouquet have exactly the same amount of fruit as the photo on the website?

Our bouquets may vary in the exact fruit counts due to produce size variations throughout the year. Each fruit has a peak season, which may result in larger than average produce during that time; similarly, there are seasons when the fruit may be smaller than average. To ensure that the bouquet’s design remains uniform, our Fruit Experts work within specified fruit count ranges for each fruit type when building each bouquet. This gives our highly trained staff just enough flexibility to ensure that the bouquet is perfectly designed, no matter what size the fruit is at that point in the year.


Can I pick up my gift personally?

Of course! Please whatsapp us at (+60)12-698 3915 to arrange. 

Where can I pick up?

We are located at Taman Bukit Desa Kuala Lumpur. Kindly whatsapp us at (+60)12-698 3915 to let us know your pick up time. 

How will my order be delivered?

Our orders are delivered by our own staff most of the time. This is to ensure the perfect presentation and freshness on arrival to your loved ones. On peak season we do use lalamove/goget to make sure we arrive in time for your delivery.

I would like my order(s) to be delivered at a certain time. Do you offer timed deliveries?

Please note the delivery time cannot choose specific time. Only the time-frame we provided would be the most accurate approximation which is 10am-12pm or 2pm-5pm.

We cannot guarantee specific delivery times. Because we have to factor in all of the orders we have on hand to make fresh and deliver.
There are also other factors such as: the availability of receiver at location, receiver not pick up calls, or receiver not home, or wrong address given, or traffic, or rain/flood, or route delay, etc. 

So we kindly asked you to pick either 10am-12pm or 2pm-5pm. We will try our best to arrive during the time frame.

But for sure we will do our best to accommodate the open hours of offices, schools and businesses. 

You can always track your order by whatsapp us at (+60)12-698 3915, with your order ID number. 

What are your delivery policies?

For all deliveries, we will NOT be calling receiver prior to delivery, as to ensure a "Surprise" delivery. (Please let us know if we should call before hand.) Upon arrival of the address provided, we will then make contact with the receiver for delivery. If there was no pick up or cannot make contact, we will then contact the sender for instructions. If cannot make contact also, we will bring the item back to our location, awaiting instructions. Item will be forfeited if contact cannot be made by 9pm of said date of delivery. 

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery from our location in KL is RM10 to RM50 depending location.

Where can you deliver?

At the moment we can only deliver within Klang Valley area. (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor)

Will you contact the recipient prior to delivering the product?

Yummyflowerz may contact the recipient prior to delivery to ensure that they are home (if the address is more than 30min away), but we do not typically contact recipients prior to attempting delivery. We recommend that you always send your gift on a date and to a location where someone will be available to receive the gift to ensure freshness, and advise your recipient to expect a delivery. 


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all kinds of payment, Bank transfer, and all major credit cards: American Express, Discover, Mastercard or VISA. If you will be placing your order online, you can also check out on our website or through PayPal. If you have any problems checking out, send us a whatsapp msg at (+60)12-698 3915. 

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Yes; we never send personal information, such as your credit card number, over the network in a way that is readable to anyone but us. We encrypt your information and send it over the Internet using SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

Is there sales tax on my order?

All Yummyflowerz orders (for pickup or delivery) are subject to applicable the taxes.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged at the time the order is placed.